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Bristol Power Flushing Company offer a professional power flushing service for all types of central heating systems in all types of premises, from domestic to commercial and light industrial.

We use only the best Kamco professional power flushing equipment to get the job done! Our engineers and plumbers have the highest level of experience and training in all aspects of power flushing and central heating systems.

We guarantee to give you a professional service and bring warmth back to your home, restoring the efficiency of your central heating system and saving you money on your energy bill.

We cover a large area of South West England and South Wales including; Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Frome, Gloucester, Oxford, Stroud, Taunton, Tetbury, Worcester and Yeovil.


All heating systems including micro-bore cleaned every time, guaranteed!

Bristol Power Flush will beat any like for like quote

  Kamco ClearFlowKamco CombiMag FilterPower FlushingPower Flush Certificate

We only use Kamco Professional Power Flushing equipment and chemicals to get the job done, and we provide a recognised certificate with every power flush!


Worcester Bosch Accredited


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Carbon FootprintReduce Your Carbon Footprint

and save up to 30% on your energy use with EndothermEndotherm


Endotherm™ is a new revolutionary central heating additive, and when dosed to a wet heating system it has been proven to reduce energy costs by 15%.

When dosed to a system after power flushing to remove scale buildup and magnatites (magnetic sludge), the final results have been even better, giving 30% less energy use.



Get Endotherm™ Working For Your Central Heating!


How It Works

How Endotherm Works

Water in a heating system, as with all fluid, has a surface tension, so with the natural imperfections within the makeup of the system (especially within the radiators), optimal thermal contact is not made. When dosed with 1% Endotherm of the total wet capacity, stably changes the surface tension by over 60%, whilst remaining non-corrosive.

The surface tension is changed by breaking down the hydrogen bonds within the water, making it "wetter", this allows it to penetrate the imperfections within a radiator, boiler tube, or heat exchanger, increasing the thermal contact, which in turn improves the efficiency of heat transfer. Radiators will heat up quicker, stay hotter for longer in between boiler cycle, and allows a room to get up to its desired temperature more efficiently, burning less fuel and reducing your carbon footprint.




MagnaClean Professional 2


Do I need a Power Flush?


This can depend on a few key factors:

How old is your heating system - 3 years or more. This includes your radiators, under floor pipework and central heating boiler.

Even if you have had a new boiler replacement recently, you may still benefit from a Power Flush if one wasn't included in the installation (most leading boiler manufacturers recommend a thorough system flush before the installation of a boiler to remove any debris, sludge and scale). The only way to do this effectively is by Power Flushing.

When was the last time your heating system was flushed / cleaned and an inhibitor added to protect the system (5 years or more).

If your central heating suffers from any of the following symptoms:

       Radiators taking a long time to heat up
       Cold spots on your radiators
       Frequently needing to bleed radiators
       Black water coming from bleed nipple
       Vibration or banging in pipe work
       Hot water tap fluctuating between hot and cold water
       Noise from your boiler i.e. Pump whining / grinding / banging / vibration / kettling
       Diverter valve jammed or replaced after a summer shutdown
Professional Kamco Power Flushing Machine

Why Choose Bristol Power Flushing Company?


Tick  We have 25 years in the Central Heating and Power Flushing industry
Tick  We have a wealth of experience working with all types of heating systems (vented, sealed, micro-bore, biofuel, solar etc)
Tick  We guarantee every power flush for 5 years with a BoilerMag installation
Tick  We are fully insured
Tick  We use Gas Safe registered engineers and qualified plumbers
Tick  We are Worcester Bosch accredited
Tick  We provide a certificate with every professional central heating power flush
Tick  We are fully approved by leading boiler manufacturers
Tick  We provide a professional service you can trust
Tick  We reduce your energy bills and the risk of boiler breakdown
Tick  We provide you with a fixed price quote so you know exactly what you're paying
Tick  Easy payment options

Please Contact Us for a competitive quote or to arrange a free survey by one of our fully trained and friendly engineers.

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Bristol Power Flushing Company working in association with Power Flush Specialist, City Heating Services ltd and pH7Flush Ltd
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